About our namesake

Who is Georgia Doty?

She was the youngest of six children, raised to live their lives in continuation of their grandfather, Charles Young’s LEGACY, rooted in a dedication to excellence. (He was born into slavery and rose to the 3rd Negro to graduate WestPoint. Through active, decorated armed Service and Professorship, he rose to be the highest ranking Black U.S. Army Colonel until 1922).
Georgia took her fond ambition of learning and helping others, forward. By example, she taught her children (Don, Sharon, Gregory and Lawrence) to value the lives of others, the humanitarian spirit and the drive to succeed and embrace their passion.

Her caring nature led her and the children to Los Angeles where she submerged herself in her medical studies. Using nursing as the vehicle for her vision, she cared for her ailing mother while promoting a medical specialty in the little known field of Respiratory Therapy. Finding success with her innovative and prudent systems, she was able to make this a common offering in hospitals across the country.

Sharing this gift of life would need competent professionals to support it. The city’s disenfranchised aptly responded to Georgia’s offer of self-sufficiency through education and training. The Technical Health Careers School was born and mothers on welfare, street workers and those completing rehab or incarceration were able to
participate in their life’s improvement.

Through learning, they entered the world of gainful employment and became a force for change and contributing members of society. Then came The Georgia Doty Health Education Fund, with contributors and partnerships through sponsors who recognized Georgia’s potential.

Continuing the Legacy

Don DotyThe Legacy of empowerment through education continued…By invitation, with the arrival of Don Doty, Eldest son, acting in continuation of his mother’s example. Lifting the underserved and disenfranchised in Chicago, Don established an independent branch of the Technical Career School here.  For over 30 years it heralded a fresh outlook for many of those trapped in a cycle of welfare, incarceration, addiction and hopelessness.  Often predisposed to conditions, ailments and maladies that poverty generates, the Technical Career School  opened the doors for a broader, health-centered initiative.  By the same principle of education, and a consciousness of it’s societal implications, Don created an open forum on the disparities in healthcare.

After his tour in Armed service, Don’s health was compromised by the inoculation procedures of the Marine Corp, which resulted in contracting Hepatitis C, an often overlooked and underrated condition, resulting in liver complications, even, potentially  cancer.

Through this unfortunate circumstance, the plateau broadened to include other ailments for which no formal initiative had created, but which ravages our communities.  At Risk populations needing health saving information became the focus, pushed to the forefront of the activities and considerations of this powerful organization.

With generous donations of time and knowledge the members and supporters of the Georgia Doty HIV, Hepatitis C Community Outreach, continue to enrich the lives of our friends, kin and neighbors.
WE continue to forge ahead through the landscape of health challenges with strength garnered by networking, collaboration, individual and collective effort in behalf of and alongside those we serve.