The Georgia Doty Community Outreach bridges the gaps, with more relevant data and information, for people who have historically been last  to have that information for them–selves and their  family’s better health. Through Seminars, Health Fairs, Special Events and Lit-erature, we advocate for accurate diagnosis and treatment.  Not only for HIV and Hepatitis, but also Diabetes, Hypertension, Breast and Colon Cancers, Prostate Health, Obesity, Lupus and other issues as they relate to healthy aging, mental health and domestic violence.

This latest incarnation of Georgia Doty’s mission, The Georgia Doty HIV, Hep C Community Outreach, evolved from the Georgia Doty Health Education Fund, which evolved from the Georgia Doty Health Education Fund, which began as the Technical Health Career School in Los Angeles, California.  Our organization has been built on the foundation of our namesake and founder’s ideals, using education as a means to uplift the underserved, high-risk and the disenfranchised.

This new plateau looks out over an active and widely varied health-care  landscape.  There are medical challenges which have become more commonplace in Our communities. Challenges which can be reduced in number and severity with accurate and easily accessible  information.


We make available a wealth of information on     useful and interesting subjects, services and events.



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